I want to walk, not around a park, or on, a beach

Where would I end up?

I do not care, I just need to walk

To go and never look back

A Cliché, I know

Truth sometimes, has no unique identity of its own

Funny that

I have no money, I will survive on my wits, my instinct

If only I trusted my instinct before!


To walk is what I’m gonna do

As long as I keep moving

I’ll be Ok

I’ll be me

I’ll be free





Since birth

Arrows were fired, high into a dull pewter sky

He spent his whole life, waiting for the one that drops.

Piercing his weary flesh

Killing him instantly

He walked with head down

Fearing the worst

Shivers skated their way down his stooped spine

At times he felt safe and danced his way

Big mistake.

Very quickly he realized “I least expect it, that’s when the bastard, will strike.”

Head down again

He shuffles along

Wishing nobody, coming his way would know him

Couldn’t raise his head in greeting

Petrified of having to stop

Engaging in small talk


Shoulders hunched

He speeds up his