Moon shadow

Moon reflect your light tonight Darkness chokes my thoughts Pleading heart for sense and reason My soul broken So distraught Heavy burden Self-inflicted Your Beauty Has me weak I am addicted   Instant awareness Our souls shared the light Resistance impossible Though hard, I did fight Defeated by smiles And That look in your eyes My darkness Consumed, … More Moon shadow


“My soul May your presence never leave me” Your face, I always see In the past? We were. Maybe again, we will be. In the future Another time Another life Pain is hardest when we meet We talk We say, “Hello” But eyes betray the small talk Then your cheeks begin to glow. We have others, to … More Imprisoned


Are you my love? How has this happened I did not know Familiar heartfelt words reached me But I didn’t believe I thought it a strange coincidence Oh how my heart leaps To think it is you! Your next words are vital Is it you? ©paul