A rush of heat Energy sprinting through my veins Footsteps make no imprint That feeling of wholeness Everything feels right and in place A soul that recognizes itself in another The joy in finding Pieces which lock together The elation of knowing Even when apart The oneness of body, mind, and spirit A little smile … More Energy

Forbidden Fruit

We lay next to each other Upside down The smell of you, intoxicating Inside your thigh Glistened with dew I followed the trail With my, outstretched tongue Finding my way To the holy grail You were hungry too I gladly let you feed on me As my mouth, found your pulse Throbbing between my lips … More Forbidden Fruit

Behind my eyes

A moment of truth Of clarity, of warmth Life goes on, and on, and on, As much as I struggle, as much as I can give You are the only constant, you never leave me Behind my eyes, you are always My love and my pain are eternal For as long as there’s love and … More Behind my eyes


I will wait Deep kisses Full lips I will wait Smiles and stories Our future glories I will wait Dancing and singing Taking and giving I will wait Support and encourage Carry your luggage I will wait Breakfast in bed Content and fed I will wait Passion and desire Senses on fire I will wait … More Wait


He loved the way she twirled her hair The way she bit her lip He loved the way she looked bemused When a secret, she let slip He loved the way she smiled at him At random, out of the blue He loved the way she spoke to him Deep, sincere, and true, He loved … More She

New Adventure

Arrived at last Our journey ends Soon we soar a spiral wind Hold on sweet love Our body’s lighter Detaching soul Our¬†vision whiter Oh what joy Chains discarded float with speed Our venture started This life we leave, together still Eternal bond, success, new thrill. ¬©paul