Soul For My Audience

Simone, bathed in the theatre spotlight. she stood with arms held aloft, pulsating waves of self -gratification ignited her, from head to toe “My devoted audience had quite a show this night” she mouthed wickedly. “Sweet darlings” she sang, “Go and tell how generous Simone, enriches your dull and sorry lives.” Smiling lips of rich ruby quivered, as the heat between her legs built to a crescendo, sending Simone in to an orgasmic trance.

This was how it was every night, post-performance; Simone kept visions of the watching faithful, locked deep in her mind. Adoring the applause, and bravos, she relished, the connection with her audience.

Her nightly ritual released all her pent-up desires, a rapturous release, Simone, never experienced when not performing. Simone’s, cold diva obsession, allowed no room for relationships, only the energy felt from the watching masses satisfied her.

“Simone” “Simone” her audience chanted, her name echoed, bouncing off rows and rows of empty aisles, hearing her name being called, only added to Simone’s moment of ecstatic bliss. “Thank you,” she purred, as she softened.   “Simone it is time” came the voice, loud, and full of venom, Simone escaped her pleasure trance “who calls my name? “My performance is over, you should not be here, who are you? where are you?”

“Look upon yourself” the voice boomed, “have you forgotten our betrothal?”. “Tonight is the night, look how splendid you look in your wedding dress” Simone looked down, coldness replaces the heat. Simone, felt the injection of arctic ice, deep in trembling veins.  Simone’s blood stopped flowing, everything froze, “what?” came the reply. Simone, thought it, rather than said it, as no sound escaped her trembling mouth. Her own breath smothered her, fear and confusion battered her mind. Simone, looked down. Realizing, her stage costume was no more. “I’m naked! “Where is Nikiya? Why has she abandoned me? No-one, has ever performed Nikiya like me, where is her clothing?”

Cold breath saturated her ear “Nikiya will be no more” came the rasping reply, “you agreed to marry me, Simone, and your dowry is your soul” Simone stood rigid as the demon hovered. “My audience deserves the best “you said, do anything” you said,

“You sold your soul Simone, you! have had your adulation!”

“Tonight is our wedding night”

“From now on, you perform, only for me”