Your eyes displayed a thousand joys Once rivers flowed Many limbs entwined Roaming exploring kisses Turned paleness to rouge Milk giver stood proudly upon twin mounds Crimson sea separated 3 wells accepted firm invasion Noise echoed breaths frenzied response You were gone Surrendered being Gravity held nothing Rollercoaster thrill ride Where is up? where is … More Insatiable


Your lips so full and velvet soft Glistening with want Your wanton tongue so needy Warm silk, a lusty taunt My throbbing ache stands rigid Your mouth, soon it will slide Dance and swirl connection Carried by sweet tide Up and down you thrill me A moan escapes my throat More you take, so greedy … More Hunger


Let it pour Watch as it slides seductively, Enhancing, as it forms slowly, contouring deliciously, Finding its level Now dip Present it to my lips Kiss me Seal my fate Passions bliss Open wide Nirvanas gate. ©paul


Sin and sanctity A maze of lusty bodies I trace with searching tongue Determined Not To find my way out Moans and sighs Lust’s natural high A time to forget And escape For a while Connect and indulge To feel and to smile Inhibitions let loose Give slack To the noose That often is tight … More Maze

In The Dark

I hold my breath Complete silence Nothing You must be holding it too My eyes will not help me For black thick darkness surrounds us I hear the rubbing of silk Erotically pure silk No cheap imitation On knees I move to the sound Reaching out with trembling arms Anticipating flesh on flesh Nothing I hear a giggle … More In The Dark