I feel strange
Trapped in invisible claws
Shaking as I’m tossed from left to right
Held tightly, I scream mutely, long into the night
A rag doll, seams broken
Stuffing bursting out of me, and carried away on a violent wind
Hollow, flat, empty,
Only my eyes function, skin limp and ragged
Horror; I can see
Pain; I feel and endure, penetrating my numbness
Not as it travels, no!
At it’s destination
It burns my core
This was always gonna happen, I knew it would
In my distaction, I failed in feeling it creep
Maybe, they got me, in my sleep
Patiently waiting
Plotting and scheming
For the day my back is turned
Defenses down
Blind side me, then offer a crown of love
From a crow, disguised,
As a dove.