Yelling and accusations

Disturbs dreamy slumber

A slap

A scream

Sounds like thunder

Breaking the night

Why must they fight

Something unspeakable

Caused great pain

A long time ago

But the innocents suffer

This is no way

To grow

Hurting yourself, and all close by

Why think of the past

Why still cry

Others are punished

It wasn’t their crime

Allow love to heal

Please open your mind

Look around

See what you have

Children that need you

And know, you’re not bad

Let go of the demons

Fuck them to hell

Let the power of love

Write something new

A new chapter

New story

For me to tell.




New Adventure

Arrived at last

Our journey ends

Soon we soar a spiral wind
Hold on sweet love
Our body’s lighter
Detaching soul
Our vision whiter
Oh what joy

Chains discarded
float with speed

Our venture started
This life we leave, together still
Eternal bond, success, new thrill.