Look up to the heavens Imagine yourself lifting Soaring high, through the welcoming sky Skate ’round the rings of Saturn Hang to Orion’s belt Flirt with Venus, and make her blush Soak in her beauty, and leave her spent Challenge shooting stars, to a race; Just to play Dance with Andromeda ’round the vast Milky … More Sky

Moon shadow

Moon reflect your light tonight Darkness chokes my thoughts Pleading heart for sense and reason My soul broken So distraught Heavy burden Self-inflicted Your Beauty Has me weak I am addicted   Instant awareness Our souls shared the light Resistance impossible Though hard, I did fight Defeated by smiles And That look in your eyes My darkness Consumed, … More Moon shadow


We speak in whispered tones Underneath a star-filled night To resist creatures gossip Those that covet our light We lie upon our blanket As we giggle at our sin The odd twig scrapes against us As you hold me tight within Silky motion Underneath the moon Gives rise to Joys explosion Crescendo to our tune We hold … More Underneath