She is every bit of wonderful, merged into one A fiery sunset, illuminating the darkening sky The tranquil reflection, on a still lake Chords;  arranged touchingly Inspirational music Heaven, is situated in her eyes She lets me visit; taking me there with her mouth When she smiles, my soul absorbs every joy Giving charge to … More Everything

Moon shadow

Moon reflect your light tonight Darkness chokes my thoughts Pleading heart for sense and reason My soul broken So distraught Heavy burden Self-inflicted Your Beauty Has me weak I am addicted   Instant awareness Our souls shared the light Resistance impossible Though hard, I did fight Defeated by smiles And That look in your eyes My darkness Consumed, … More Moon shadow


“My soul May your presence never leave me” Your face, I always see In the past? We were. Maybe again, we will be. In the future Another time Another life Pain is hardest when we meet We talk We say, “Hello” But eyes betray the small talk Then your cheeks begin to glow. We have others, to … More Imprisoned

Behind my eyes

A moment of truth Of clarity, of warmth Life goes on, and on, and on, As much as I struggle, as much as I can give You are the only constant, you never leave me Behind my eyes, you are always My love and my pain are eternal For as long as there’s love and … More Behind my eyes


We speak in whispered tones Underneath a star-filled night To resist creatures gossip Those that covet our light We lie upon our blanket As we giggle at our sin The odd twig scrapes against us As you hold me tight within Silky motion Underneath the moon Gives rise to Joys explosion Crescendo to our tune We hold … More Underneath


When two people love without a touch When passion stirs, ignites, and takes hold When longing becomes insufferable When a soul instantly recognizes, its twin When a spirit cries out to be reunited When it all compounds, the loneliness, and isolation When you see her in a song, in a work of art When she … More When


A thousand nights, waiting for your call Anticipation, hope, My heart torn, battered, and broke Love’s sweet promise Smothered and choked How can I give up, my beautiful dream Pretend there was nothing Boiling water No steam I wait for you still, every minute, every day Wish for our star To shine This, I pray … More Waiting


He loved the way she twirled her hair The way she bit her lip He loved the way she looked bemused When a secret, she let slip He loved the way she smiled at him At random, out of the blue He loved the way she spoke to him Deep, sincere, and true, He loved … More She


What do you feel? When you look at me Is it love? Is it comfort? Do you see a future? You might imagine a safe, and steady, existence They say beauty is skin deep And you are very beautiful Please look deeper, within yourself Find that spirit, the light, that makes you shine Shake off that which holds … More SHINE