Closer they came; One turned into ten, which suddenly became fifty Teasing and mocking, slowly eroding;  stripping his mind Apocalyptic evolution, played out over time Too many now emerging, to fight Run now he must; In search of his light A friend from his youth, it shone as he grew Those days long gone, when … More Return


Her face, did not haunt him, any longer Day, by day, His heart, grows stronger Emerging, from grave In darkness Grounded, once again The lighted, path before him Beckoning Come, this way Stormy clouds, have lifted The sky Dreamy Serene He felt, at peace, much cleaner Not dirty, tainted, obscene The sun, itself, does greet … More Emerging


For Bojana Kind and loyal Humble beyond measure Generous to those that need You’re a knowledge vault Full of treasure A  vocation The Florence Nightingale, for writers Shining your golden light Visions in the dark Emerging bravely Led by your sweet amber glow Inspired, they follow Illuminated path Among mocking doubts Ignoring peers Wrath Unshackled, … More Light


You are a beautiful woman Inside, outside Struggle and toil Evil and vicious All shaped you Dignity and grace Define you Scared, heartbroken, and despairing, Alone you cried You drew strength Ready to face the world Standing proud You are a wonder You are a stunner You are a cozy blanket On a chilly night My … More You


You called me. I rose. You were not real, I knew that, when I first saw you. Dynamic in motion, opaque, lifeless, but with energy! Wispy and yet when I reached out to touch you, I felt soft warm flesh, exhilarating flesh. My bodily essence sparked, I felt alive and aware. How can this be? … More Astral

Sleep Now Darling

Last breaths taken Journey begins Feel your warmth Seep wary flesh Coldness creeps quickly Deceptive stealth Last embers fade Glow turns grey Hollow rattle Sounds the way   DEATH   I raise tear-stained face In sorrow I look upon your beauty Deep within a soulful creche No more light To act as beacon Guide the way … More Sleep Now Darling