It’s always been you That will never change I have learned to live I have learned to let go That’s not true! You are in my heart, in my soul In my thoughts, every minute, of every day But I have learned to be at peace, with that I have accepted, the absence physically I … More Lady


He was not ashamed, neither did he feel guilty He loved with passion, he gave it everything So much love for one woman, slowly leaking from his huge heart Bleeding in slow motion He didn’t try to stem the drips Every drop was worth it A dehydrated heart, lonely and sick Dry and broken But … More Heart


I locked my door You found a way through Joyous anticipation thrilled you As the room of mystery opened Dusty books rested on rickety shelves A title called memories catches your eye You reach but cannot touch Looking around you see a jug Emotion is engraved on its side Craving to hold You head for the … More Thief