It’s always been you That will never change I have learned to live I have learned to let go That’s not true! You are in my heart, in my soul In my thoughts, every minute, of every day But I have learned to be at peace, with that I have accepted, the absence physically I … More Lady


I want to walk, not around a park, or on, a beach Where would I end up? I do not care, I just need to walk To go and never look back A Cliché, I know Truth sometimes, has no unique identity of its own Funny that I have no money, I will survive on … More Walk


You called me. I rose. You were not real, I knew that, when I first saw you. Dynamic in motion, opaque, lifeless, but with energy! Wispy and yet when I reached out to touch you, I felt soft warm flesh, exhilarating flesh. My bodily essence sparked, I felt alive and aware. How can this be? … More Astral


Via Daily Prompt: Constant Static noise buzzing, and humming in his mind There is no escape, from the constant drum Worse when he’s silent, tired, and numb Alone in his room His breathing holds stage A front row seat At his concert of gloom He tries to focus and bypass the racket Imagining clouds Warm breezes … More Grind


What do you feel? When you look at me Is it love? Is it comfort? Do you see a future? You might imagine a safe, and steady, existence They say beauty is skin deep And you are very beautiful Please look deeper, within yourself Find that spirit, the light, that makes you shine Shake off that which holds … More SHINE