I want to walk, not around a park, or on, a beach

Where would I end up?

I do not care, I just need to walk

To go and never look back

A Cliché, I know

Truth sometimes, has no unique identity of its own

Funny that

I have no money, I will survive on my wits, my instinct

If only I trusted my instinct before!


To walk is what I’m gonna do

As long as I keep moving

I’ll be Ok

I’ll be me

I’ll be free





Via Daily Prompt: Constant

Static noise buzzing, and humming in his mind

There is no escape, from the constant drum

Worse when he’s silent, tired, and numb

Alone in his room

His breathing holds stage

A front row seat

At his concert of gloom

He tries to focus and bypass the racket

Imagining clouds

Warm breezes and meadows

The smell of  jasmine

Of birds

Making shadows

The smile of a lady, and wink of an eye

Surging of blood

As she passes him by

He dreams of a lake, at the foot of the hills

Undressing and bathing

No need for the pills

Just fresh healthy living

At peace with his mind

Of loving and laughing

Set free from his






What do you feel?

When you look at me
Is it love?

Is it comfort?
Do you see a future?
You might imagine a safe, and steady, existence
They say beauty is skin deep
And you are very beautiful

Please look deeper, within yourself
Find that spirit, the light, that makes you shine
Shake off that which holds you back
Let instinct flood you to the core
Embrace yourself, first!

Then look for me again

Smile, sing, and dance, to a new tune
Fill your heart with adventure
Free yourself from fear, and duty
For they dampen and cage you
Look at me again darling

let  love

life, and laughter

Consume you now
Let’s Live.



A gentle bird looked outside her bars

She longed to feel a warm breeze beneath her wings

To fly, across exotic lands

Maybe perching a while, observing all before her

To sing and be heard, appreciated, not cursed

She did not know how, to fly

It existed, she felt it

Was natural, She just knew it

Yet a yearning


Told her she should try