Rivers of blood Burning flesh Limbs torn from little ones In a town of death All this from a computer screen Controlled by a nerd Excited and manic Screams can’t be heard As he hovers the cursor Over a grid on the map Pushes the button Then goes for a nap Meanwhile in Syria A … More Technology


Decadent satisfaction, obscene deeds Thirst for power Scattering of seed Indulgence of theft, authority gained Smoky burning flesh Warm blood Slowly drained Abusive representation, false lie, to fool them all Praying on need, distorting the truth of Man Renegade witness A con A sham Preaching morality As you suck dates, from your sister’s ass Humanity … More Deception

Sleep Now Darling

Last breaths taken Journey begins Feel your warmth Seep wary flesh Coldness creeps quickly Deceptive stealth Last embers fade Glow turns grey Hollow rattle Sounds the way   DEATH   I raise tear-stained face In sorrow I look upon your beauty Deep within a soulful creche No more light To act as beacon Guide the way … More Sleep Now Darling