You have the magic The style, the look Enigmatic Mysterious A diamond In the muck Aura surrounds you Vivid, and clear Mystical hues Even your eyes Have rainbow tears At times Dark and moody With demeanor, so proud Still your gloom Shines bright Through the crowd Other times Bright, and quick, off the mark Nothing … More Charisma


You called me. I rose. You were not real, I knew that, when I first saw you. Dynamic in motion, opaque, lifeless, but with energy! Wispy and yet when I reached out to touch you, I felt soft warm flesh, exhilarating flesh. My bodily essence sparked, I felt alive and aware. How can this be? … More Astral


He loved the way she twirled her hair The way she bit her lip He loved the way she looked bemused When a secret, she let slip He loved the way she smiled at him At random, out of the blue He loved the way she spoke to him Deep, sincere, and true, He loved … More She


She is dripping with class This lady has many talents She is ageless Confident and strong Many are drawn to her Old, middle aged, young She speaks to all She is beautiful She is radiant I will forever Hold her in my heart A connection From that first time To last eternal I will never … More Joy