Truth comes to everyone in the darkness We rest our heads on pillows often damp with tears Flashes of past traumas, play out in our mind Buried memories, of another time Always there, always hidden They know what lies in the soul How to appear, and when A little reminder of scenes once forgot Like … Continue reading Humbled


Jet black hair Emerald eyes Damson lips Enchanting smile.. Caring heart Open soul Lover of life Your only role.. Singing as you dance Great joy you share Reading to me As you twirl your hair.. You cook like a pro With pride and love You fuck like a porn star Only better, end of.. I'm … Continue reading Sandra

The trip

The clock ticks and the sirens wail Neon sign flashes on, off, on, off, on, off, A spider scurries across my fingers As my hand rests upon a coffee stained window sill I'm looking out through a grimy window At the darkening street Looking at nothing in particular Just gazing at the scene below A … Continue reading The trip