Truth comes to everyone in the darkness

We rest our heads on pillows, often damp with tears

Flashes of past traumas play out in our mind

Buried memories of another time

Always there, always hidden

They know what lies in the soul

How to appear and when

A little reminder of scenes once forgot

Like the boogieman stood at the end of your cot

Every fear, every sadness, every lie once told

Comes nearer and nearer

As we grow old

The persona we adopted to help us through

Means nothing now to you or I

We pay in the end, for this passage called life

Credit revoked

Collections are rife.






She brought him a gift

A souvenir of love

Pride in her eyes

She was right

It fits like a glove

An expression of friendship

That grows day by day.

Bond of trust developed

Through conversation and deed

A mutual understanding

Of each other’s need.

Attraction breathes life

Once again in his soul






Closer they came;

One turned into ten, which suddenly became fifty

Teasing and mocking, slowly eroding;  stripping his mind

Apocalyptic evolution, played out over time

Too many now emerging, to fight

Run now he must; In search of his light

A friend from his youth, it shone as he grew

Those days long gone, when his soother was blue

Fading for years, darkness took hold

Making him doubt, reckless, and bold

Losing his way, blinded by demons

Innocence lost, and the devil, to pay

All that was good and all that was clear

Tainted by filth, surrendered to fear

Parasites chewed, deep into his brain

Swallowing logic, while planting a grain

The seed inside him, a poisoned vine

Grew strong with the help of, whiskey and wine

Survive though he did, with a blessing of grace

She waits for him, loyally

To remember his place.

His soul now aware of demonic intruders

He runs to his light, pleading for union

To join him in battle, and free him once more

Grace, smiles; with arms open

As she open the door.








The trip

The clock ticks and the sirens wail

Neon sign flashes on, off, on, off, on, off,

A spider scurries across my fingers

As my hand rests upon a coffee stained window sill

I’m looking out through a grimy window

At the darkening street

Looking at nothing in particular

Just gazing at the scene below

A white horse, stands in the middle of the road

Causing chaos to the traffic

Horns blaring

People staring

At the magnificent beast

One horn protrudes from the animal’s forehead

Twisted strands of gold interwoven tightly

Shining brightly, magically,

Pointing directly at me

Like time has no meaning, or relevance

We stare at each other

I am floating

I am giggling

My senses are supercharged

A human turbo

I am high

I pass through the window

Looking around at everything below me

No fear

I hear a voice


“Where do you want to see?”

“Where do you want to be?”

“Picture that place in your mind”

“Now go”


“You are free”






A distant shore calls to me

Promising, love and joy

Enticing, beguiling, appealing,

Smiling, and ever so coy

The sun, always shines there

Clear skies, forever blue

Crystal waters, warm and deep

Will soothe, refresh, renew,

Evening air, filled with musk

Enhances sensory treasure

Its gentle kiss, upon bare skin

Exotically sweet, the pleasure

Maybe one day, I’ll drift on fast wind

Take my place forever

Indulge, partake, and savor,

Until the twelfth of never



Something’s changing, my heart is breaking

Sympathy overcomes me, on many levels

Cry for peace, need to feed, those poor hungry mouths

Compassion reigns, as sadness fills my core

Unsettled sleep curses me

Overwhelming yearning to be heard

My heightened sense of beauty flows

Through gateways to my soul

A creative need of expression

For a global consciousness

Learning of life’s important lessons

Knowledge of everything

Is me right now

I am awake



Needed, not wanted

Abused? Yes! and used,

To keep me, amused

Know your place

Within this space

Be grateful, you are here

Among us, Paul

Would you rather the street?

No shoes

On your feet

You have a bed

A meal every day

Fair reward for the work, that you do

How dare you, want more

Don’t care


You’re blue








Via Daily Prompt: Constant

Static noise buzzing, and humming in his mind

There is no escape, from the constant drum

Worse when he’s silent, tired, and numb

Alone in his room

His breathing holds stage

A front row seat

At his concert of gloom

He tries to focus and bypass the racket

Imagining clouds

Warm breezes and meadows

The smell of  jasmine

Of birds

Making shadows

The smile of a lady, and wink of an eye

Surging of blood

As she passes him by

He dreams of a lake, at the foot of the hills

Undressing and bathing

No need for the pills

Just fresh healthy living

At peace with his mind

Of loving and laughing

Set free from his





New Adventure

Arrived at last

Our journey ends

Soon we soar a spiral wind
Hold on sweet love
Our body’s lighter
Detaching soul
Our vision whiter
Oh what joy

Chains discarded
float with speed

Our venture started
This life we leave, together still
Eternal bond, success, new thrill.



Excruciating pain before new life

Turmoil, despair,  hunger, and grief

All gone

Sickness, war

Each darkness erased

A golden light dawns for mankind

Pollution free

The greenest of oceans ebb and flow

The sky translucent

And the air crystal clear

Woodland and meadows

Sweet flowers will grow

In tune with the one

No need for all sorts of questions

We are content and set free,

Each mind in  pure harmony

Why we act

 As we do

No longer an issue

Between you and I



No need for them now

No agenda

Or profit

No personal gain

Rules left bankrupt

No need to control

As existence will flourish

From now and for always


Each day

A dream fulfilled

Unity of species

Forever instilled



A gentle bird looked outside her bars

She longed to feel a warm breeze beneath her wings

To fly, across exotic lands

Maybe perching a while, observing all before her

To sing and be heard, appreciated, not cursed

She did not know how, to fly

It existed, she felt it

Was natural, She just knew it

Yet a yearning


Told her she should try