On opposite sides of the road, they were stopped Commanding a red light Their eyes locked Connection! Euphoric energy held them captive Only the beeping horn of a bad tempered driver, broke the spell The light was indeed green, but neither wanted to drive on Moments like this are rare.   Time stopped still They … Continue reading Drive


It's always been you That will never change I have learned to live I have learned to let go That's not true! You are in my heart, in my soul In my thoughts, every minute, of every day But I have learned to be at peace, with that I have accepted, the absence physically I … Continue reading Lady


Thrill me with your smile Caress me with your lips Command me with loving eyes Fortune fell kindly to me Such beauty Such kindness Such style Belongs to very few You saved me from a dark purgatory Colour lives in your world You rescued me Showed me something new I will love you for eternity My life, … Continue reading Saved

Moon shadow

Moon reflect your light tonight Darkness chokes my thoughts Pleading heart for sense and reason My soul broken So distraught Heavy burden Self-inflicted Your Beauty Has me weak I am addicted   Instant awareness Our souls shared the light Resistance impossible Though hard, I did fight Defeated by smiles And That look in your eyes My darkness Consumed, … Continue reading Moon shadow


It hurts me to look at you Only to feel you, eases the pain Time drags, every minute I long for reality. However!! I will not wish my life away Closing my eyes to see you Is becoming less satisfying Like an addict I thirst for more To embrace you Run fingers through your hair … Continue reading Time


I knew you then Yet I have only met you now Another period of looping cycles A tweak here and there Is it a test? Will we end our journey sometime? Are the greatest of times within sight? The infinite space our new home Settled- content- wonderful Looking back at different lives Smiling Remembering Discussing … Continue reading Infinite


Like a rock challenged by the waves You stand strong, unyielding Pushed Pushed again But never leaving Loyal and true, you never falter Care and love the broken water No gain or favour do you seek Surf and tide are yours to keep Watching,  you wait Next rush coming Eternal guardian oh, so stunning My life, I … Continue reading Devotion