For Bojana

Kind and loyal

Humble beyond measure

Generous to those that need

You’re a knowledge vault

Full of treasure

A  vocation

The Florence Nightingale, for writers

Shining your golden light

Visions in the dark

Emerging bravely

Led by your sweet amber glow

Inspired, they follow

Illuminated path

Among mocking doubts

Ignoring peers


Unshackled, now free

This poem

I dedicate, to thee.





Since birth

Arrows were fired, high into a dull pewter sky

He spent his whole life, waiting for the one that drops.

Piercing his weary flesh

Killing him instantly

He walked with head down

Fearing the worst

Shivers skated their way down his stooped spine

At times he felt safe and danced his way

Big mistake.

Very quickly he realized “I least expect it, that’s when the bastard, will strike.”

Head down again

He shuffles along

Wishing nobody, coming his way would know him

Couldn’t raise his head in greeting

Petrified of having to stop

Engaging in small talk


Shoulders hunched

He speeds up his




Something’s changing, my heart is breaking

Sympathy overcomes me, on many levels

Cry for peace, need to feed, those poor hungry mouths

Compassion reigns, as sadness fills my core

Unsettled sleep curses me

Overwhelming yearning to be heard

My heightened sense of beauty flows

Through gateways to my soul

A creative need of expression

For a global consciousness

Learning of life’s important lessons

Knowledge of everything

Is me right now

I am awake



Nature is a beautiful gift

So much to explore

We are rewarded for passionate endeavors

Anticipating the bud blossom

To soak in waterfalls

To bask in the heat of the fiery sun

Fits of giggles, uncontrollable and joyous

Afterglow of dreams that came true

To wrap around and rest at the setting of the sun





I often have glimpses of my world

A reminder of what should be

Wandering lost and lonely

Confused, weary, bullied

You mock, and torment. Poor me!

When blue was blue, and green was green

No sadness did afflict

When wrapped in a blanket state

Only cuddles, kisses, no hate

The carnage that invaded my brain

Reaction, agenda, jealousy

My gentle heart destroyed

Protect and harden, was the call

Do not be foolish, strike the first blow

They must not plot your downfall

A conquering army of one!

All is destroyed, they’re gone

So I walk in limbo

Alone, but safe.







A ticking clock

Siren of a police car

The rats that scurry home

All sounds invade my room

Eyes wide open

The darkness shows no mercy



Looking at you hurts

I don’t know why

I do not wish my life away

Closing my eyes to see you

Is becoming less satisfying

Like an addict

I thirst for more

To embrace you

Run fingers through your hair

Smell your perfume

Feel warm smooth skin

Taste you

Love you

Feel heartbeats dance

Quicken the pulse

Lock fast, the lance

Enjoy finest wines

Expand more

Our minds

To rest in safe arms

‘neath the heat of our sun

Think of me now

As you smile in your day

Always, I’m with you

Composing loves way