Don’t eat from the honey jar anymore

It will make you sick, confused and sore

Been on the shelf for far too long

I read the expiry

The label was wrong

© paul



She brought him a gift

A souvenir of love

Pride in her eyes

She was right

It fits like a glove

An expression of friendship

That grows day by day.

Bond of trust developed

Through conversation and deed

A mutual understanding

Of each other’s need.

Attraction breathes life

Once again in his soul






He stood on the pavement, with a mate

Waiting for the marathon runners, to pass by

Not because he enjoyed marathons

It was Sunday, it was hot, they had nothing else to do

Mocking sweaty “Fit freaks”

Would pass an hour or two

He noticed two girls close by

Whispering while giggling

“Fuck it, come on mate, let’s give it, a try”

He approached the tallest one, she had nice lips

“Where you from?” He, cheekily asked

“Where you from?” was her reply

That was enough for him

That was the starting gun

They ran

She came in, second

To none



I want to walk, not around a park, or on, a beach

Where would I end up?

I do not care, I just need to walk

To go and never look back

A Cliché, I know

Truth sometimes, has no unique identity of its own

Funny that

I have no money, I will survive on my wits, my instinct

If only I trusted my instinct before!


To walk is what I’m gonna do

As long as I keep moving

I’ll be Ok

I’ll be me

I’ll be free





A distant shore calls to me

Promising, love and joy

Enticing, beguiling, appealing,

Smiling, and ever so coy

The sun, always shines there

Clear skies, forever blue

Crystal waters, warm and deep

Will soothe, refresh, renew,

Evening air, filled with musk

Enhances sensory treasure

Its gentle kiss, upon bare skin

Exotically sweet, the pleasure

Maybe one day, I’ll drift on fast wind

Take my place forever

Indulge, partake, and savor,

Until the twelfth of never



For Bojana

Kind and loyal

Humble beyond measure

Generous to those that need

You’re a knowledge vault

Full of treasure

A  vocation

The Florence Nightingale, for writers

Shining your golden light

Visions in the dark

Emerging bravely

Led by your sweet amber glow

Inspired, they follow

Illuminated path

Among mocking doubts

Ignoring peers


Unshackled, now free

This poem

I dedicate, to thee.





Something’s changing, my heart is breaking

Sympathy overcomes me, on many levels

Cry for peace, need to feed, those poor hungry mouths

Compassion reigns, as sadness fills my core

Unsettled sleep curses me

Overwhelming yearning to be heard

My heightened sense of beauty flows

Through gateways to my soul

A creative need of expression

For a global consciousness

Learning of life’s important lessons

Knowledge of everything

Is me right now

I am awake



Via Daily Prompt: Constant

Static noise buzzing, and humming in his mind

There is no escape, from the constant drum

Worse when he’s silent, tired, and numb

Alone in his room

His breathing holds stage

A front row seat

At his concert of gloom

He tries to focus and bypass the racket

Imagining clouds

Warm breezes and meadows

The smell of  jasmine

Of birds

Making shadows

The smile of a lady, and wink of an eye

Surging of blood

As she passes him by

He dreams of a lake, at the foot of the hills

Undressing and bathing

No need for the pills

Just fresh healthy living

At peace with his mind

Of loving and laughing

Set free from his





Innocence lost

He cried to the heavens “What cruel game is this?”

Wishing he never grew up

He wanted to feel protected

To have others deal with the crazy shit life brought him

When he didn’t need to think and decide

On top of broad shoulders

Enjoying the ride

With no agendas, he smiled, laughed, and played

Got tucked up in bed

At the end of the day

Through innocent eyes, the world seemed a joy

Father Christmas always came

With a shiny new toy

As he grew, he realized jealousy, and hate

How dogs ate dogs

To fill empty plate

The noise and the speed

Kept growing, without any rules

The difference was clear

Between stallions and mules

Manipulation, greed, lies,

More lies

A shit load of mess

Attracts many flies

Poisonous hearts with no empathy shows

Doing the right thing

Never gets one the rose

Weary and bruised

He tumbles away

Hoping to find

His peace! Gone astray




The house lay in ruins

A lie brought the roof down

Denial blew the windows out

Trust tumbled the walls

Evidence piled it all together

A bulldozer cleared almost everything

Hurt remained whole