Where does numbness go when the pain sets in Can a soul survive an earthquake in the heart Will the mind recover from denial of a truth Everything shattered, all faith washed away, like a broken leaf drowning in a run of water downhill Is there anything left to hope for, when another will never … Continue reading Orphan


Every lyric Every melody Every true word Seduces my memory I'm sad but I'm glad I was blessed to know you Serene comfort fills me In a strange contradictory way The passing haunts But the beautiful feeling of us Will always stay I always loved you I always will Timing, and obligations, keep us apart … Continue reading Everything


Using my fingertips I softly trace the outline of your lips As I look deep inside your mind Eyes locked on eyes, we giggle and smile Moonlight spears it's beam, through a break in the curtains Enhancing windows to your soul Shades of green and brown,  blend slowly, gently I watch the changing, my heart … Continue reading Love