I wonder

If we met in a wood, on a beach or for coffee I wonder what you would say I would ask you! "Did it really have to be that way?" Would you swap all the years of play from the shadows, for one moment of bliss For cheek to brush cheek, as we lean in … Continue reading I wonder


Where does numbness go when the pain sets in Can a soul survive an earthquake in the heart Will the mind recover from denial of a truth Everything shattered, all faith washed away, like a broken leaf drowning in a run of water downhill Is there anything left to hope for, when another will never … Continue reading Orphan


Every lyric Every melody Every true word Seduces my memory I'm sad but I'm glad I was blessed to know you Serene comfort fills me In a strange contradictory way The passing haunts But the beautiful feeling of us Will always stay I always loved you I always will Timing, and obligations, keep us apart … Continue reading Everything


I love I have never been "In love" I believed myself incapable Maybe I was just constantly numb Closed, egotistical, and dumb I played the part of a cool hand Luke Maverick, Julian, Manero, too That all changed when I met you Hitting me hard, I could not deny My heart in free fall My … Continue reading Ego


Using my fingertips I softly trace the outline of your lips As I look deep inside your mind Eyes locked on eyes, we giggle and smile Moonlight spears it's beam, through a break in the curtains Enhancing windows to your soul Shades of green and brown,  blend slowly, gently I watch the changing, my heart … Continue reading Love


Hair like a lovely whisky The tint of fallen leaves Brown and sleek Like the first rains of autumn How such a tint could play with the light Reminiscent of peering at the sun through a jar of pine honey. Her eyes were the color of milk chocolate Edged with a deep forest-green Sometimes the two … Continue reading Monica