Under the Poplars

 Like priestly imprisoned poets, the poplars of blood have fallen asleep. On the hills, the flocks of Bethlehem chew arias of grass at sunset.       The ancient shepherd, who shivers at the last martyrdoms of light, in his Easter eyes has caught a purebred flock of stars.       Formed in orphanhood, he goes down with rumors of … Continue reading Under the Poplars


Truth comes to everyone in the darkness We rest our heads on pillows often damp with tears Flashes of past traumas, play out in our mind Buried memories, of another time Always there, always hidden They know what lies in the soul How to appear, and when A little reminder of scenes once forgot Like … Continue reading Humbled


Closer they came; One turned into ten, which suddenly became fifty Teasing and mocking, slowly eroding;  stripping his mind Apocalyptic evolution, played out over time Too many now emerging, to fight Run now he must; In search of his light A friend from his youth, it shone as he grew Those days long gone, when … Continue reading Return


They die in their thousands Every day Every week Every month Every year Who cares? No one People preach of love and equality Tolerance and respect Turning blind eyes, to the plight of this world The reality, the truth Gorging themselves on "Reality T.V." How ironic Fucking demonic Across social media "Hey hun, hey babe," … Continue reading Blind


Decadent satisfaction, obscene deeds Thirst for power Scattering of seed Indulgence of theft, authority gained Smoky burning flesh Warm blood Slowly drained Abusive representation, false lie, to fool them all Praying on need, distorting the truth of Man Renegade witness A con A sham Preaching morality As you suck dates, from your sister's ass Humanity … Continue reading Deception