Before Sleep

I walk into the bedroom and see you sitting thereRelaxing quietly in your favorite chairI'm ready to play and have some funBut you're tired from all day out in the sun So I think for a minute and suddenly I knowWe can still have fun, I'll give you a show ;)I take off my shirt … Continue reading Before Sleep


Drench my soul in liquid fire I need to feel Corrupt my heart with filthy sin I don't want normal, I hunger surreal Raise me high, on decadent pleasure Grip me tight, as I swell Your smile and eyes, have shown me heaven Now! Fuck me with your hell ©paul  


Fingers travel up and down goose bumped thigh Desire burns bright, within my eyes My tongue is silent; in motion, licking Collecting honey Probing and flicking. Delicious slow strokes Brush upon canvas Drenched silk sheet Clings fast Upon mattress, Trembling flesh, rises and falls Moans, deep and husky Tell of your joy, Calling my name … Continue reading Dream


Delicious desire Mouth open Eyes behind blindfold I inhale you I taste you Dancing on my lips Dizzy with lust I reach for you Chain tightens on wrist You laugh ever so sexily Sultry voice "Mmm, where to next?" you purr Anticipation, tortures me I love it Your tongue slides Tracing my eager lips Fingers … Continue reading Blindfold