Truth comes to everyone in the darkness

We rest our heads on pillows, often damp with tears

Flashes of past traumas play out in our mind

Buried memories of another time

Always there, always hidden

They know what lies in the soul

How to appear and when

A little reminder of scenes once forgot

Like the boogieman stood at the end of your cot

Every fear, every sadness, every lie once told

Comes nearer and nearer

As we grow old

The persona we adopted to help us through

Means nothing now to you or I

We pay in the end, for this passage called life

Credit revoked

Collections are rife.






I feel strange
Trapped in invisible claws
Shaking as I’m tossed from left to right
Held tightly, I scream mutely, long into the night
A rag doll, seams broken
Stuffing bursting out of me, and carried away on a violent wind
Hollow, flat, empty,
Only my eyes function, skin limp and ragged
Horror; I can see
Pain; I feel and endure, penetrating my numbness
Not as it travels, no!
At it’s destination
It burns my core
This was always gonna happen, I knew it would
In my distaction, I failed in feeling it creep
Maybe, they got me, in my sleep
Patiently waiting
Plotting and scheming
For the day my back is turned
Defenses down
Blind side me, then offer a crown of love
From a crow, disguised,
As a dove.

The Street

Red brick houses side by side

Random boxes of light shows who’s at home

Smoky air, frosty late evening

Squeaky gates open and close, as people come and go

Craving the heat, the warm amber glow

Rain falls diagonally against neon street light

Like a volley of mini arrows, piercing the night

Sirens blare a shrilling worry

As neighbours enjoy, warm comforting curry

The cat on the wall, swishes her tail

Puts out a cry, for a strong willing male

A taxi crawls slowly, to find numbered house

Driver, hopes it’s a run into town

Unable to see figures on door

He beeps his horn, as he frowns

The bark of a dog, echoes along

Pavement, walls and alley

A shout from its owner to “Shut up

You’ll waken dear old Sally”

People sleep now as the moon shines above

A boy walks a girl home

Hoping for love

So the dawn breaks, and the sun comes to greet

Another day starts

On this Manchester street.







Beware the urban jungle

Eyes watch from the shadows

Sniffing for weakness, waiting to pounce

Police sirens won’t stop deals

“Give me  an eighth,

Make it, an ounce”

Kids on bikes, escape route ready

Concrete landscape

Not cop car friendly

Late night cafes; where drunken dreams, find reality

“I could have been a contender”

Discussed over tea

A precinct pub where blood, stains the ground

Expectant taxis

For a ride into Town

Obscene remarks

To the girl, that said “No”

Burger boxes, litter the street

Pitta bread wraps

Minus, the meat

Chip bags and vomit

On pavement and road

Decoration Designed

For the homeless abode

Smoky air whispers

“It’s time to go home”

Brick terrace awaits

Loud music, a lullaby

To those, all alone.







They die in their thousands

Every day

Every week

Every month

Every year

Who cares?

No one

People preach of love and equality

Tolerance and respect

Turning blind eyes, to the plight of this world

The reality, the truth

Gorging themselves on “Reality T.V.”

How ironic

Fucking demonic

Across social media

“Hey hun, hey babe,”

Never met in 30 years

They all “Care”

They don’t give a shit

All they want, is the like

To be hit

As I write this now

Tears flow

Beneath my brow

“What’s the point? Nobody cares”

Send a dick pic, instead

“Oh yeah”

This post

Becomes theirs.





A distant shore calls to me

Promising, love and joy

Enticing, beguiling, appealing,

Smiling, and ever so coy

The sun, always shines there

Clear skies, forever blue

Crystal waters, warm and deep

Will soothe, refresh, renew,

Evening air, filled with musk

Enhances sensory treasure

Its gentle kiss, upon bare skin

Exotically sweet, the pleasure

Maybe one day, I’ll drift on fast wind

Take my place forever

Indulge, partake, and savor,

Until the twelfth of never



Mountains crumbled

Paradise laid waste

Reckless lies

Spoken in haste

Tranquil ocean

Now stormy and wild

Black clouds hover above

Lonely child

A rainbow meadow

Left lifeless and grey

No more around bush

Shall butterflies play

The sun rises no more

It hides full of shame

Neither the moon

Afraid of the game

Mother nature herself

Cries of her pain

Lost in chaos

All because of a




There’s a bad taste, in my mouth

Pain in my gut

An ache in my bones

While travelling south.

Many stops I’ll face, along the way

Demonic distractions

Will want me to play

False gifts, to tempt me

Disguised as all good

Must carry on walking

Stay under my hood

When will I rest?

Don’t think I can

Monsters will catch me

And fuck-up my plan

Tear me to shreds

Mess with my mind

Create false illusion

Destroy happy time

I listen to a voice

That’s always with me

Encouraging, guiding

My saviour, really

Keeping me sane

When insanity rages

Puts negative actions

Back in their cages

So on, I must travel

My heart filled with hope

Searching for peace

I don’t want any fire,

Ashes, or smoke.



Since birth

Arrows were fired, high into a dull pewter sky

He spent his whole life, waiting for the one that drops.

Piercing his weary flesh

Killing him instantly

He walked with head down

Fearing the worst

Shivers skated their way down his stooped spine

At times he felt safe and danced his way

Big mistake.

Very quickly he realized “I least expect it, that’s when the bastard, will strike.”

Head down again

He shuffles along

Wishing nobody, coming his way would know him

Couldn’t raise his head in greeting

Petrified of having to stop

Engaging in small talk


Shoulders hunched

He speeds up his



Artist Elena Perra

Elena Perra was born in Cagliari (Italy) and, after graduating from Art School, she moved to Florence to continue her studies at University. Majoring in Architecture she always used painting as an expression of self, expressing emotions through her works. Strong colour, impact of signs, instinctive, and spontaneous, are the living force of her work. Using contrasts instead of real representation to center the expression of form and vision. Free and fantastic structure, using pure colors, in an evolution and decomposition of the form through movement.

Beautiful Cagliari

Elena is also competent in the field of photography,design,and architecture.

Publications, and exhibitions, have been achieved through a process of analysis, and historical research.

All of which, have enriched Elena’s experiences.

Follow Elena, on twitter  @lellaperra



Something’s changing, my heart is breaking

Sympathy overcomes me, on many levels

Cry for peace, need to feed, those poor hungry mouths

Compassion reigns, as sadness fills my core

Unsettled sleep curses me

Overwhelming yearning to be heard

My heightened sense of beauty flows

Through gateways to my soul

A creative need of expression

For a global consciousness

Learning of life’s important lessons

Knowledge of everything

Is me right now

I am awake