Truth comes to everyone in the darkness We rest our heads on pillows often damp with tears Flashes of past traumas, play out in our mind Buried memories, of another time Always there, always hidden They know what lies in the soul How to appear, and when A little reminder of scenes once forgot Like … Continue reading Humbled


I feel strange Trapped in invisible claws Shaking as I'm tossed from left to right Held tightly, I scream mutely, long into the night A rag doll, seams broken Stuffing bursting out of me, and carried away on a violent wind Hollow, flat, empty, Only my eyes function, skin limp and ragged Horror; I can … Continue reading Trapped

The Street

Red brick houses side by side Random boxes of light shows who's at home Smoky air, frosty late evening Squeaky gates open and close, as people come and go Craving the heat, the warm amber glow Rain falls diagonally against neon street light Like a volley of mini arrows, piercing the night Sirens blare a … Continue reading The Street


Beware the urban jungle Eyes watch from the shadows Sniffing for weakness, waiting to pounce Police sirens won't stop deals “Give me  an eighth, Make it, an ounce” Kids on bikes, escape route ready Concrete landscape Not cop car friendly Late night cafes; where drunken dreams, find reality "I could have been a contender" Discussed … Continue reading Urban


They die in their thousands Every day Every week Every month Every year Who cares? No one People preach of love and equality Tolerance and respect Turning blind eyes, to the plight of this world The reality, the truth Gorging themselves on "Reality T.V." How ironic Fucking demonic Across social media "Hey hun, hey babe," … Continue reading Blind


A distant shore calls to me Promising, love and joy Enticing, beguiling, appealing, Smiling, and ever so coy The sun, always shines there Clear skies, forever blue Crystal waters, warm and deep Will soothe, refresh, renew, Evening air, filled with musk Enhances sensory treasure Its gentle kiss, upon bare skin Exotically sweet, the pleasure Maybe one … Continue reading Paradise