Rolling thunder inside my head

Standing rigid, as I unravel like thread

Blood pressure rises, erratic pulse

Visions obscene before my eyes

Thoughts relentless, vicious and cruel

Can’t delete memory

My mind overrules

Soul becomes darker, riddled with hate

Down the alley, I see empty crate

A seat for my wilting body

I’m shaking, can’t stop

World becomes blurry, loud noise fills my ears

My heart hurts badly, eyes fill with tears

Laughing demons, prod and poke

Screeching “You fool; have this”

They dangled a rope

As I reached out my hand, my whole body felt light

A comforting voice rang loud in my ears

” I love you my son, I am here by your side,”

The spell was broken, my chest heaved a sigh

I stood up, focus returned

Strength surged through me

Casting aside my torment, I thanked him up high






Silence has a face
A presence
It stands there
It thinks itself invisible
But I see its grin
Sadistic entity follows me everywhere
Heartfelt protestation
Swallowed mercilessly
Spat out
Suffocating me with venomous wrath



How much money do you need

Sitting there choking on greed

Have you played falling down yet

Catching followers

In the social net


Universal law

Walking the path of destiny is both scary and exciting

Tuning in to what’s around you is enlightening

Realizing how and why things happen takes discipline and perseverance

Things that cut to the bone, become a cocooning moment of clarity and understanding

Curled up, revealing itself only when the time is right

It’s Universal law,

Everything we experience

Everything we feel

Everything we thought was bad luck or bad timing, becomes crystal clear

It’s then, and only then, that the butterfly of knowing and wisdom reveals itself

Things that meant so much

Moments that angered, or seemed unfair, runs parallel with moments that gave great joy, hope, happiness

One plays off the other, and it can seem very chaotic and leave one feeling despair and bewilderment


This is the key to staying grounded, and aware

We are all aware, even though it may seem not so; This is designed to keep us listening to what the universal conscience is telling us

We all make bad choices, we make good choices too

It’s about stamina, and seeing it through

It’s about knowing

It’s about patience

It’s about confidence and knowing that however it plays out; It still exists for a reason

Maybe for future occurrences

Maybe to teach us something now

Maybe so the right choices can be forthcoming

But it’s there

It’s always there, and that in itself is a comfort and a reminder that we are never alone

It may seem that way

It’s waiting

For the day

It’s Universal law

Universal law must always be obeyed

Even when you think and feel that you broke it

There’s a reason to think that way

Never lose faith, never lose hope

The law is there to protect us, and!

Help us to cope.






Don’t eat from the honey jar anymore

It will make you sick, confused and sore

Been on the shelf for far too long

I read the expiry

The label was wrong

© paul


Under the Poplars

 Like priestly imprisoned poets,
the poplars of blood have fallen asleep.
On the hills, the flocks of Bethlehem
chew arias of grass at sunset.
      The ancient shepherd, who shivers
at the last martyrdoms of light,
in his Easter eyes has caught
a purebred flock of stars.
      Formed in orphanhood, he goes down
with rumors of burial to the praying field,
and the sheep bells are seasoned with shadow.
      It survives, the blue warped
in iron, and on it, pupils shrouded,
a dog etches its pastoral howl.
©Cesar Vallejo


Truth comes to everyone in the darkness

We rest our heads on pillows, often damp with tears

Flashes of past traumas play out in our mind

Buried memories of another time

Always there, always hidden

They know what lies in the soul

How to appear and when

A little reminder of scenes once forgot

Like the boogieman stood at the end of your cot

Every fear, every sadness, every lie once told

Comes nearer and nearer

As we grow old

The persona we adopted to help us through

Means nothing now to you or I

We pay in the end, for this passage called life

Credit revoked

Collections are rife.