Rolling thunder inside my head

Standing rigid, as I unravel like thread

Blood pressure rises, erratic pulse

Visions obscene before my eyes

Thoughts relentless, vicious and cruel

Can’t delete memory

My mind overrules

Soul becomes darker, riddled with hate

Down the alley, I see empty crate

A seat for my wilting body

I’m shaking, can’t stop

World becomes blurry, loud noise fills my ears

My heart hurts badly, eyes fill with tears

Laughing demons, prod and poke

Screeching “You fool; have this”

They dangled a rope

As I reached out my hand, my whole body felt light

A comforting voice rang loud in my ears

” I love you my son, I am here by your side,”

The spell was broken, my chest heaved a sigh

I stood up, focus returned

Strength surged through me

Casting aside my torment, I thanked him up high





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