First look

Our eyes met simultaneously

Instantly my heart jumped, my stomach welcomed butterflies in their droves

My senses quickened, I felt alive and everything around me froze

Just you and I mattered

My breath left me

I was smothering in joy

Heaven came to me, right there, right then

Never had I felt this overwhelming emotion of completeness

Suddenly my world was viewed in glorious technicolour

You radiated rainbow hues

The Sun kissed your face with passion

Beautiful almond shaped eyes

Strands of brunette silk framed your classic movie star face

Full luscious Lips promised paradise

How long have we been held in this gaze?

Forever it seems

I raise my glass

You smile

Breaking the spell, ending the dream

Reality returns as we remember that we both wear a ring

Sorrow grips, it’s not our time

but forever and ever

You are secretly mine.


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