If we met in a wood, on a beach or for coffee

I wonder what you would say

I would ask you! “Did it really have to be that way?”

Would you swap all the years of play from the shadows, for one moment of bliss

For cheek to brush cheek, as we lean in to kiss

Distance is greater than it’s ever been, and yet I still feel you

I said that I love everything, deep from my soul


I still do

What hurts me the most, is the wasted time

The misunderstandings

Our eyes were blind

We both knew, our dream could not be

Others would suffer, if we became free

In this together, we struggled every day

To satisfy our longing, in a safe harmless way

Bluff and counter bluff became some obscene game

Pride and prejudice in control

Much to our shame

I could write and write

I’ve so much to say

I’ll resist the temptation, letting my head have it’s way

Before I end, my heart needs you to know

I always see you, where the wild flowers grow

Every song that I play, is a memory of us

How I miss you my dear

How my arms long to hold

How I’ll always remember

Your warmth from the cold.

© paul



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