Every lyric

Every melody

Every true word

Seduces my memory

I’m sad but I’m glad

I was blessed to know you

Serene comfort fills me

In a strange contradictory way

The passing haunts

But the beautiful feeling of us

Will always stay

I always loved you

I always will

Timing, and obligations, keep us apart

Still you reside deep in my heart

There’s so much that reminds me of you

Our music, I play


It makes me feel blue

I imagine so vividly, a life by your side

Sweet mornings and nights

You as my girl, fills me with pride

Two minds alike, there’s much we would share

Unique little things, to show how we care

Things got complicated

Translation was lost

We drifted apart


The cost

Will we find each other again? I don’t know

I hope so

But for now, we must adapt, and

Go on with the show





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