Our Space

Eternal trance

Celestial dance

Our souls unite

One blinding light

Angelic choir sings our song

Euphoric joy

To us belongs

Rolling tide carries us through

Clenching tight

I cling to you

Our own little space, with lust set free

Drenching and splashing

Tugging and slapping

Biting and licking

Fucking and sucking

Teasing and coy

Not forgetting

Our favourite toy

Hard dominant sex

Tender love too

Hugging and kissing, neck, nose, and cheeks

Forehead and eyes

Sending you weak

Talking and joking, together we giggle

Fingers exploring new flesh, to tickle

Hard or gentle

Quickly or slow

Our need is too strong

To let it all go

So here in our space, we go with the flow

Longings are nurtured and

Exquisitely grow..






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