I love

I have never been “In love”

I believed myself incapable

Maybe I was just constantly numb

Closed, egotistical, and dumb

I played the part of a cool hand Luke

Maverick, Julian, Manero, too

That all changed when I met you

Hitting me hard, I could not deny

My heart in free fall

My head in the sky

I came to my senses as you’re out of reach

So I trudged through some sand

On my favourite beach


It did me no good, I could not forget

The warmth of your smile

On the day that we met


Sand became quick, heavy, and cruel

Fooling myself

Acting so cool


So one day I needed to say

You’re my leading lady, in this life changing play

The crowd were not ready for the show to begin

A rewrite was needed

I tossed the script in the bin


Been trying to pen a new broadway epic

My hands are worked raw

Fingers septic


I wait for the time, and my greatest role

Being yours forever

To love from my soul





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