Caramel eyes are enticing me, exciting me

A great distance separates us, but there she is

Her gaze burns my soul, leaving nothing but a few fiery embers

They glow every time I feel her, quickly taking on liquid form

Allowing transient passage to my veins

The heat injected into my bloodstream;  instant and potent

Racing through me, building pressure, expansion

I feel her smiling.

She knows her affect

She holds the power

The magic

My senses spin

My pain within, raw and alive

I welcome this rush

I love it

I need it

My lady; You send me into orbit

Propelling me among the stars

You navigate this journey at your will

A constant ride, a constant thrill

Celestial whispers, sing your name

Melodic joy, tingles my ears

Enchanted eyes, fill quick with tears

Crying with joy

I’m so blessed to have you

This special bond we have

So unique

So true








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