Keep us dumb, keep us glum

Leave nothing to the imagination

Strip away hope, crank up the lie

Tell us we are nothing but an empty shell

Hollow;  with an expiry date long since passed

Better still, tell us we are nothing but a machine

Thank you for your kindness

Shaping our virtual world, creating happy frendly enviroments

We won’t feel isolated anymore, thank you! now we fit in nicely

Our own circuit board, with maybe just a glitch or two

But hey, that’s the beauty

Re-invent us, even in death

Organic matter is a wonderful thing

Mix it with a bit of radio frequency, a bit of magnetic energy, and away you go

Yes! I know, we are free.

Carbon materials and electricity are the source

The key.

Yes! You keep saying, “No soul” No nothing, just productivity, just here

No place for fairy tales, magic or wonder

We live, we die, we are expendable creatures

A  pile of ashes to dispose of whatever way we like

Swept into a corner, for the cat to piss on

Thank you!

We are stone, we are clay, injected with your most generous supply of electricity

A jolt of man made energy gives us the means

Gave us life

To serve you

We serve ourselves

Yes! I see your logic

Everything is perfect

Emotions gave by you

Only so we know gratitude, fear, and purpose

Yes! I know! Nothing else exists, there is only you!

The daddy of machines, and us, your little robots

I remember the pledge

“We think we are human, we are not

We think we are spirit, we are not”


We live in a holographic universe

We are virtual machines, with virtual emotions

We hum

There is nothing else


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