Paralysis gripped me

Vibrations quickly followed

I lifted ever so slowly

Breaking through nothing

I was flying

Clarity hit me in a flash

I understood everything

Feeling no air, I surged across the sky

Looking down; the earth morphed

Rolling through time

I saw the past, present, and future

All in one movement

I knew exactly my place

Standing on a planet, I looked up at a giant ringed planet, 2 smaller planets were close by

The stars were still distant, but bigger

A voice spoke to me, comforting me, teaching me

I looked up again

My ceiling appeared from a mist

I was back in my bed

It’s over 25 years since my last O.B.E.

This one was different

I no longer had just a sense of my experience

I had awareness, I had tangible memory

The clarity of “Knowing” had passed, I mean, I could not explain

But the feeling and the overwhelming joy remained

I knew it was real, I recall what happened clearly

I just could not make sense of it

It felt good, it felt positive

Hope now, is not just a blind want

“Hope” is our future made true.




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