As I write this, I am full of love

Full of calm, full of peace

Many years have passed since I felt like this

Blending with life, with the universe

Serene and balanced

It’s a nice feeling, euphoric, liberating, yet connecting

A high

Simplicity overwhelms my thoughts

Air around me fits like a cozy blanket

I could sleep like a baby, if I wanted to

Secure and safe

My future opening up, giving me a glimpse of happier times ahead

My past no longer haunts me

It has gone; of no consequence anymore

Like a child, I am seeing the world in its purest form

Its beauty, and the wonderous possibilities

I feel its music, a guitar sings to me

Symphonic echoes bouncing, within my cells

I have found purpose once again

Alive, inspired

Great things await me

Some, not so great too

Rain will fall, it will not drown me

It will wash me clean

New me now

Less storm, more sun

I will grow





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