Fingers travel up and down goose bumped thigh

Desire burns bright, within my eyes

My tongue is silent; in motion, licking

Collecting honey

Probing and flicking.

Delicious slow strokes

Brush upon canvas

Drenched silk sheet

Clings fast

Upon mattress,

Trembling flesh, rises and falls

Moans, deep and husky

Tell of your joy,

Calling my name

As you arch and twist,

I whisper real slowly

“Not finished yet, miss,”

I turn you around,


“Get up on your knees”

I enter with force, withdraw just as quick

Leaving you empty

Just as you like it

Repeating it plenty

Holding tight on your hips

I enter again

Harder, much faster

A tug on your hair,

you scream

“Fuck me, master”

You beg like a slut, with words so obscene

I slam much harder, making you cream

This role we both play, is just one of a few

Our secret, our pain,

Our dream, come true.









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