Beware the urban jungle

Eyes watch from the shadows

Sniffing for weakness, waiting to pounce

Police sirens won’t stop deals

“Give me  an eighth,

Make it, an ounce”

Kids on bikes, escape route ready

Concrete landscape

Not cop car friendly

Late night cafes; where drunken dreams, find reality

“I could have been a contender”

Discussed over tea

A precinct pub where blood, stains the ground

Expectant taxis

For a ride into Town

Obscene remarks

To the girl, that said “No”

Burger boxes, litter the street

Pitta bread wraps

Minus, the meat

Chip bags and vomit

On pavement and road

Decoration Designed

For the homeless abode

Smoky air whispers

“It’s time to go home”

Brick terrace awaits

Loud music, a lullaby

To those, all alone.






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