His gaze creeps up into her fear laden eyes
A sense of anticipation envelopes her lungs
Ever so slowly a trickle of sweat
Slides silently down between her
Swiftly expanding flesh
Glistening, shining, cascading to
The center of her Gravity.

Her fingertips tingling , she struggles
To loosen the bonds; tight upon her wrists
With his thumb, he traces a searing line
On her brow; cheek, and down the length of her neck
Restraint prohibits him
Pushing forth his lust for her

“Not the right time,”

He waits

Snoring coming from across the landing

“Yes, yes, yes,

Now; my princess”

Quivering. he reaches for her
Tender soft under belly
Watching her eyes intently

Waiting for it, like a rabid salivating beast



She whimpers,

His aphrodisiac, his power,
She obeys! She keeps quiet!

She’s sacrificed!


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