They die in their thousands

Every day

Every week

Every month

Every year

Who cares?

No one

People preach of love and equality

Tolerance and respect

Turning blind eyes, to the plight of this world

The reality, the truth

Gorging themselves on “Reality T.V.”

How ironic

Fucking demonic

Across social media

“Hey hun, hey babe,”

Never met in 30 years

They all “Care”

They don’t give a shit

All they want, is the like

To be hit

As I write this now

Tears flow

Beneath my brow

“What’s the point? Nobody cares”

Send a dick pic, instead

“Oh yeah”

This post

Becomes theirs.




7 thoughts on “Blind

  1. I feel like this so often myself, and it’s why I often shut people out of my life. I get tired of all the games. Just want to surround myself with the kind of people who actual do care. Hugs… xo

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