An empty corner office
The boss’s office
Giant windows granting half, of London a view

Patricia, daughter, of the C.E.O,

Eyes me, as I enter the adjacent conference room

She’s reposed
Upon the desk, legs languid
She grins at me
From her position
I can see the outline, of wet pussy,

Soaking panties, cling to her

A vision like no other

Opening her eyes wide, she licks red, full lips

Saying to me

“You know exactly how much, I want you to act upon whatever is in your head.
I’m ready,
so very ready
for you.”

She slides a hand across her thigh
To her soft, wanton, and slick pussy
Dipping a finger inside
Rotating, ever so slowly

Her head falls back
Breathing heavily

Moans are deep

Hardening nipples, speak, to me
She pulls two drippy, fingers
From  juicy cunt
Holding them, up to me
“Taste me ”

Lying sideways on, ten feet from me, boots on, legs spread
Tiny panties clinging
“You can’t reach me”

She teased

I was behind the glass walls, of the conference room
a locked glass door, barred me, entry
“You can see me,
you see me really well
My pussy
Purple panties, pushing against silk
Look at me,

Enjoy the shape

The color
My skin though the thin fabric
See me, see you
Watch me, getting wetter
Watch as the panties become
See through
Wetter, and wetter, I get

More, and more, turned on
At you watching me
You can’t stand it
Makes you crazy
Causing a crisis, of conscience

You are married

You want me

I am your boss’s, daughter

But you want me

You are thinking


Looking for justification, within your mind

Liberate yourself

Don’t think


Ohh, I could smell her


She opens the door, that separated us


I was dizzy with lust

She lay down on large polished table

” Put your head between my legs
run your tongue
across the tight damp silk
pull it with your teeth
suck the juice, from the delicate

With a wild flourish
I rip panties, with my teeth
“Yes, that’s right, chew my panties, rip them off”

I was manic


Heat searing my loins

“There it is,
my pussy,
open and pulsing
just for you, tongue me, lap it up, plunge in,

tongue fuck me,”

The flavor, like the aftertaste of sweet, dark chocolate

Her thighs quiver,

Relishing her clit
She calls my name
My cock swollen, crazy with want

Something must be done

Her voice shakes my groin

“Swing around,
I want your dick on my face,

in my mouth

I undressed quickly

My cock sprung, from its cage

“I am gonna talk to you, now fucker,

Her words, increasing my desire

“Open my mouth,
my tongue, snake-like
wants your shaft.
you lick, and suck,
slurp at my cunt


Her voice hypnotizing me,

“OH, YOUR cock falls out
my mouth,
lands between  breasts
I lick your balls
Mmm, baby, Ooooh
swing around again,
kiss me with your pussy flavored mouth
slip your cock inside, as you do



Deeply baby,

Fuck your princess”

Then I felt it,

Cold steel, plunged deeply into my back

A cackled laugh, was all I saw


To return

No more.




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