It’s always been you

That will never change

I have learned to live

I have learned to let go

That’s not true!

You are in my heart, in my soul

In my thoughts, every minute, of every day

But I have learned to be at peace, with that

I have accepted, the absence physically

I have accepted, we will never talk again

I have accepted, we will never smile at each other again

I have accepted, I will never taste your sweet lips

But know this

I carry you everywhere I go

You are my last thought before sleep

My first thought when I wake

I feel you constantly

That is my comfort

Please never think I gave up

My passion is as strong as it ever was

We will meet again

In a place far away from here

Then our souls will know liberty

Our hearts Set free.


16 thoughts on “Lady

  1. *deep sigh*

    my goodness….your writing is so touching, sometimes I wonder if I’m even deserving of this kind of beauty.

    glad to have found your neat little place here. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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