Forbidden Fruit

We lay next to each other

Upside down

The smell of you, intoxicating

Inside your thigh

Glistened with dew

I followed the trail

With my, outstretched tongue

Finding my way

To the holy grail

You were hungry too

I gladly let you feed on me

As my mouth, found your pulse

Throbbing between my lips

I ate slowly

Savoring delicious flesh

Lapping up the sweet, flowing juices

I growled deeply, with want

Greedy for more

I rummaged deeply

My chin and neck glistened, with nectar

Fruit’s aroma sending me dizzy

Lusty desire, overwhelmed me

My own need aching, pulsating

You were close

Unable to hold back, much longer

You came up to me

Instinctively, I knew what you needed

Straddling me

Soft flesh, upon hard flesh

Starting the slide

Pressing down hard

Hands on my shoulders

Whispering revelation, in my ear

Breathing heavily,


Slippery joy



Lips locked

Sighing, moaning deeply


Pleading for me, to say the words


I placed my lips, to your ear

“Cum on me baby”

Body trembling

“Cum now”

There it was

Magical words

Entry to heaven

Screaming my name

You shuddered rhythmically

First explosion

Back arched

Pumping hips

Nails penetrating skin

Second explosion

Guiding me into you

Rocking together



Third explosion

Brings my own


We enter nirvana’s gate

With a smile, and a giggle










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