You go running, whenever they call

It, never mattered how you felt

Nobody wondered, about exhaustion

How affected you were, mentally, and physically

Juggling time, resolving conflicts

Shopping, washing, ironing, cleaning, accounting, cooking, dropping off, picking up,

Always available

Always there

Never allowed your headache

Fuck me, now

Blow me, now

Then you, may sleep

Make me, breakfast, you look like a zombie

“What’s wrong?”

“I FUCKED YOU, GOOD, AND HARD, I knew you, were tired, that’s why I never waste time, with foreplay,”

(Straight in, straight out,)

“You should be smiling”

And you do,

Putting on a smile, to face the day

Keep everyone happy

Come what may




Look at yourself

See what I see

Know what I know

Feel what I feel

Make time for yourself

I know it’s hard

Go and do that spa,

Read that book

Take that walk

Along the brook

Go, take a bath

With bubbles deep

Use the body lotion

Lie down now

And sleep








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