Calm gentle water lay still

Deep and vast, beneath a mountain

Dressed in gorse

Bright was the sun

Surface twinkles danced in harmony

Embraced in peace

Serenely atmospheric

If you listened closely

Laughter mixed with song

Entertained field mice, and all who dwelled

Among the heather and wild flowers

’twas the joy of ancient folk

I lay a while

Immersing myself completely


My eyes filled with tears

It all seemed so familiar.

Like a memory long forgotten

I could have lay there forever

But the sky, quickly darkened

A shadow extinguished the colour of flowers

As it creeped along the rolling hills

Coldness, gripped me

Firstly at the back of my neck

Slowly joining the shivers, throughout my stiffening body

Initial fear quickly gave way, to suffocating sadness

Overwhelming pain, stabbed my heart repeatedly

My eyes were shut tight

Or so it seemed

As the darkness swallowed me

Black, thick, shroud wrapped me tightly

I could not breathe

Death itself, an enticing escape

Then I saw her,

My heart swelled with light

She kissed me,

Breathing life anew

The darkness lifted

My saviour

Was you.






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