Allowing my lips to linger in front of your lips


Feel my gentle breath linger over your lips

and into and around your mouth.

Feel the subtle energy between us

Enjoy the stillness and silence


Do not speak

Do not rush

Resist the temptation

Brush your lips up against mine

Only slightly, give yourself a taste of what’s to come

No tongue


Delicate, slow kisses

Explore my lips, my love

Taste them in every cell of your body.

Go slowly, very slowly

Make me crazy with want

With desire

We have all the time in the world

Build the intensity

A work of art

Takes time, patience

Use your breath

Allow the sexual energy to flow

Feel it through your body

The beautiful flow of sexual energy that connects us

On that deep, erotic, sensual level

My entire body, connecting with yours

Allow your tongue to enter my mouth

Breathe deeper, moan into me,

Gently bite my lip,

My neck,

Look at me

Hold me, in your eyes my darling

Senses alive

Present with each other

Let me hear you,

Call my name

We are ready

Hold me tight

As I enter

Love me tonight




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