Come up here

To this high place

Look down

What do you see?

Sadness, bitterness. mistrust, spite

Blind leading the blind

Masses of people

Lost suspicious faithless waiting

 They don’t know what they are waiting for

Rushing, busy, stressed, panic

Time flies by

But they stay on the merry-go-round

Dizzy, and unaware

Debt, poverty, hunger, sickness

Yet they vote

Pay taxes

Prop everything up

Believe they are free

Ha, Ha

They rally, and support puppets

A conveyor belt of assholes

Fame seeking parasites

Their soul belongs to the highest bidder

War, manipulation, abuse,


Yet, they flock

Bless my child, Father

Then take your pleasure

Kill in God’s, name

Don’t matter which God

Just claim it’s the true God

They hold bank accounts Of untold riches

Mainly collected from poor parishioners

Who can’t heat themselves through winter

Prop up the church

Keep the faith

But walk past the man who holds out his hand

Just a glimpse of the world today

This is why!

He’s coming your way


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