Decadent satisfaction, obscene deeds

Thirst for power

Scattering of seed

Indulgence of theft, authority gained

Smoky burning flesh

Warm blood

Slowly drained

Abusive representation, false lie, to fool them all

Praying on need, distorting the truth of Man

Renegade witness

A con

A sham

Preaching morality

As you suck dates, from your sister’s ass

Humanity screams

As it plays its part

In this farce

Let them drink dirty water

As you sip clean, from gold goblet

I’ll put out an appeal

So it looks good

Pretend we care, when we don’t

Collect all their money, on Sunday

Tell them they’ll burn, in hell


In capital font

We tell them what’s wrong, what’s right

How can we lose?


“Now go, get nice virgin.

I fancy someone, frightened and tight”


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