Moon shadow

Moon reflect your light tonight

Darkness chokes my thoughts

Pleading heart for sense and reason

My soul broken

So distraught

Heavy burden


Your Beauty

Has me weak

I am addicted


Instant awareness

Our souls shared the light

Resistance impossible

Though hard, I did fight

Defeated by smiles


That look in your eyes

My darkness

Consumed, by your light

Wary murmurs echo poison

Petty minds in isolation

We could not help our

Strong connection

We fell so hard

We still have bruises


You a wife

Myself a husband

Betrothal, un-broken

Didn’t need excuses

For that we can be thankful

We resisted the taste

But I scream

“Full moon, please release me”

Bathe me in, your tranquil beam

Control emotional tide

Cleanse and heal

My swollen heart

Turn my nightmare

To sweet dream.


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