We speak in whispered tones

Underneath a star-filled night

To resist creatures gossip

Those that covet our light

We lie upon our blanket

As we giggle at our sin

The odd twig scrapes against us

As you hold me tight within

Silky motion

Underneath the moon

Gives rise to Joys explosion

Crescendo to our tune

We hold each other warmly

As breath navigates its way back home

We laugh like naughty children

Who’ve hid dog’s only bone

You never looked more beautiful

As you reach to get more wine

This memory locked forever

A light for darker times

You ask me “are you cold now?”

And give me blanket half

Deeply we snuggle beneath

I pull more of it

You look and laugh

Arms entwined we look up

To find our special star

That home we will reside in

When life evicts us both

Our destiny awaits us

New time

New journey

New growth.



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