He was not ashamed, neither did he feel guilty

He loved with passion, he gave it everything

So much love for one woman, slowly leaking from his huge heart

Bleeding in slow motion

He didn’t try to stem the drips

Every drop was worth it

A dehydrated heart, lonely and sick

Dry and broken

But a heart that loved, flourished and grew

Because of you!

It used to be a functional organ

Doing its job

Needing nothing but care, and healthy living

It was unaware of any other purpose

Until you came

Only then! Did it realize itself

Only then! It was set free!

To love and serve a greater purpose

He gave it to you gladly, no theft

It sang, rejoiced, in your hands

It felt liberated and important

It met a partner in yours

Beating with verve and meaning

It didn’t feel the ruptures, slowly bursting

Didn’t feel the emptying of love’s promise

He wouldn’t let it

He would work that heart to nothing

Flogging it, pleading with it, to heal and flourish once more

Refusing to acknowledge defeat

He let it bleed, and bleed

’til nothing was left

Except for a memory

A cruel reminder of joys lost

Of what should have been

He shut it down completely

Withered and dry

Of no use anymore

Never again

Will he let it be





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