I locked my door

You found a way through

Joyous anticipation thrilled you

As the room of mystery opened

Dusty books rested on rickety shelves

A title called memories catches your eye

You reach but cannot touch

Looking around you see a jug

Emotion is engraved on its side

Craving to hold

You head for the gold

No luck

Access denied

White light from a corner

Explodes into view

Caught in a transient beam

You step to the source

Soul resides within

A brief glimpse is all you’re allowed

Wondrous excitement envelops you still

You wish and hope as you probe

Searching for the item you yearn most

Holding your breath and closing your eyes

Senses lead the way

Pulsing a rhapsody

My heart now revealed

You tremble like falling leaf

Quick to react

Opening silk sack

Heart captured

Escape through the back


Hope you choke on your snack



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