You called me.

I rose.

You were not real, I knew that, when I first saw you. Dynamic in motion, opaque, lifeless, but with energy! Wispy and yet when I reached out to touch you, I felt soft warm flesh, exhilarating flesh. My bodily essence sparked, I felt alive and aware. How can this be? You are smoke to my cigar; you are not physical, Still! I felt your pain, joy, tears, and laughter. Transfixed, I gave myself up freely, I let go calmly.


As you floated closer, I became aware of a scent, a heady glorious scent. My senses were overwhelmed! My body lighter and giddy. My manhood stronger. Blood rushed at enormous speed throughout my body. My cells electrified, I was glowing, vibrating, as you swirled around my head, I felt warm breath on my neck, and then a kissing sensation. You were kissing me. The delight I felt made me want to cry, I turned my head searching for your lips, I knew you had none, but I was compelled to do so. You nudged my wandering head back, and I felt hot breath in my ear, ” I love you” No words were spoken, but I heard it clearly. My body was on fire, “Close your eyes, wait for my kiss on your beautiful mouth.” My body trembled as I quickly obeyed. My eyes closed, I waited for what seemed a lifetime, I never felt such exhilarating anticipation, I swear my lips were parted, ready! Then I felt it; warm, sensual, beautiful lips on mine, “Open your eyes” your mind spoke to mine as my eyes, slowly opened. My heart seemed to double in size, attempting to leap through my chest.


As I open my eyes, you pull back slowly, your face came slowly into focus, through my tears of joyous, overwhelming, emotion.


Dark chocolate hair framed your face, exotic tawny eyes looked at me lovingly. Kind and mesmerising eyes, I was lost in them, they came closer as I struggled, to distinguish if it was your soul, I could see, or was it a reflection of my own. Lips pressed mine; I felt myself floating, suspended, we were joined in union. The ecstasy I felt made me shout, but no sound was forecoming, rapture! glorious, wonderful, rapture, carved its own path, I was nothing but a willing tag-along.

You whispered, “I will love you forever”

I felt cool air on my chest

I became aware of music

The radio was playing “Woman in love”

I felt “Free”

Everything made sense





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