When two people love without a touch

When passion stirs, ignites, and takes hold

When longing becomes insufferable

When a soul instantly recognizes, its twin

When a spirit cries out to be reunited

When it all compounds, the loneliness, and isolation

When you see her in a song, in a work of art

When she belongs deep in my heart

When you feel her as the sun, shines upon my  face

When I stand under a warm shower

When I inhale, scent from a flower

When I drive and feel her, behind my eyes

When I smile at something funny, knowing she’d smile too

When I lie in bed at night, about to sleep, my last thought is her

When I awake in the morning, my first thought is her

When I wish upon our dazzling star

When I know she does too

When we know our time will come

When heavens promise to us, is met; ‘cos it’s long overdue.



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